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Amazon SEO Content

Increase your visibility on the world’s biggest marketplace, get more sales!

Amazon SEO - Rank your listings!

More and more consumers start their search for new products on Amazon, instead of Google. The reason is simple: Amazon has the biggest product catalog and inventory in the world. Two little know facts:

FACT 1:  46% of US consumers start their products search on Amazon, compared to 21% who start their search on Google.

FACT 2: 8 out 10 US consumers are Amazon Prime members.

Pair those facts with Amazon having the largest product catalog and inventory in the world as well as the drive to offer the best customer experience and it makes the choice for the consumer, and for you as the seller, obvious: 

You need your products visible on Amazon.  

And to do that, Amazon SEO should be the core of your Amazon strategy. Our goal is to make sure your products are being found and visible when potential customers are looking for your brand or a problem that your product solves. To beat the competition, we use proven strategies to make sure your listings are visible when consumers search for them. 

As a boutique Amazon Agency, Barrel Aged E-Commerce supports you and is here to answer any questions you have about Amazon.


Time to let your products shine

Define Unique Selling Points

Our team at Barrel Aged will work with you to define your brand guide, and will help you clearly define your product Unique Selling Points (USP). Your USPs will be the foundation for the perfect Amazon SEO Content. 

Understandable Descriptions

Barrel Aged take your USPs, and convert them in easy-to-read and digestible product descriptions. While making sure that it is relevant to the search algorithm. 

Consistent User Experience

We will ensure a consistent user experience with your overall corporate identity. Barrel Aged will create a user experience that lets customer fast and easily find relevant information. Which will lead to a dramatic increase in Conversion as well. 

Find Gold Nugget Keywords

Similar to SEO on Google, finding the longterm, niche keywords on Amazon and incorporating them into the listings is what we call finding the gold nuggets. On top of regularly updating said keywords, to respond to current trends or new keywords is part of it. 

4,000% Increase in Sales Volume!

Barrel Aged has far surpassed our expectations! They have grown our Amazon presence steadily and exponentially from month to month, now over 4,000% from when we started, and our relatively scandalous product is one of the trickier ones to sell on Amazon too!

We’ve been an active Amazon Seller for years and have never sold as much as we do now.

The team is consistent, very focused and very efficient. They work closely with us in order to track our priorities and always ensure a cohesive brand experience while constantly improving and re-improving every listing. There are no cracks for things to fall through with Barrel Aged, and, like a fine whiskey, continue to get even better over time! If you are on Amazon, you cannot afford to go another month without Barrel Aged on your Team.

– Todd Prather, CEO, PASTEASE® Premium Pasties

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