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What We Do

The world is rapidly changing for manufacturing: From supply chain issues, to trade embargo, to an ever changing world of selling your goods.
It is Barrel Aged’s mission to not only add topline revenue, but ensure your profitability in the process.
We focus on the best possible way to bring your products to market, presentation of them and then help you scale with advertising.

Our Services

Why Barrel Aged E-Commerce?


We put you first! We are going to support you in all matters related to Amazon. We are going to be in constant communication, through your preferred channel: phone, email, web-conference, or chat.
We are going to work hand-in-hand with you, and your internal employees to guarantee ongoing and longterm success!


Having been on the client side we know that nobody likes a slow turnaround of tasks! When you work with Barrel Aged E-Commerce we will get things done, quickly! We will ensure that you are fully on-boarded, listed appropriately, and advertising with Amazon quickly, because time is money, especially on Amazon!


What really differentiates us from our competitors is that we have been in your shoes! We understand the everyday challenges of running an Amazon store for your brand. We help our clients accelerate on Amazon, and on the backend, to make sure you'll keep customers happy and take advantage of the opportunity to sell on the world's largest marketplace!

Official Amazon Advertising Partner

Reviews for Barrel Aged E-Commerce

Here is what our customers say:
Barrel Aged E-Commerce helped get us on the right track with our online products and presence! Most importantly the sales and advertising efficiency of our products offered. Amazing Service and Professionalism! Thank You B.A.E.!
We have been working with Barrel Aged E-Commerce and Jake for nearly 3 years now. Revenue and Profits are up, cost are way down! It is also nice to always be able to jump on a call to discuss ideas, knowing that they have your best interest at heart!

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