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About Barrel Aged E-Commerce


The story behind Barrel Aged E-Commerce

It all started with a glass of 20 year-old barrel aged scotch. Jake and JJ, while drinking said scotch, realized that over the last couple of years the one thing that Jake was missing in his business was an agency that could manage his amazon store without him. It would have saved him so much time, headache, and his Amazon would have grown faster by now. 

JJ and Jake found it most useful to learn from other business owners, and in return help them out wherever they could. Throughout the last 8 years, Jake, with JJ’s occasional help ;-), was able to build up a sustainable family business. 

Most agencies have a hard time putting themselves in their clients shoes. Often the reason for this phenomena is simple: Most people that own agencies have never run their own e-commerce business. Similar to people who can’t do, teach – they run agencies. 
What drives us at Barrel Aged E-Commerce, is to make an impact for our client. We thrive on the fact that we can see our customer grow everyday. When you work with us, you’re not working with yet “another agency”, but you’ll have found a Strategic Partner

Barrel Aged E-Commerce will take care of your Amazon Seller or Vendor Account as if it was our own business. 
Our Account Management includes:
  • Amazon Account Management & Strategy
  • Listing Optimization
  • Pricing
  • Amazon Advertising (PPC)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Reporting

Meet the Team

Jake Stanislawski


Jake grew up in the Craft Show business. His family owned a picture frame business and traveled every weekend around the country doing fairs and festivals.  He can remember sleeping under the displays in empty boxes while his parents ran the booth! After he graduated he spent his first years working in the advertising world. He spent 6 years selling and learning digital and print ads for a large newspaper company. Sick of working for “the man” he decided to quit and go back to working for his family’s personalized picture frame company. Within 1 year he had doubled the companies revenue and large growth has continued each year since. What he realized though, is that his joy wasn’t from making frames, but rather the excitement of problem solving the challenges within the business. Overtime, he began helping other small businesses navigate the sometimes confusing online marketplaces and helped them become successful. After much thought and many, many conversations with his wife Simonne, he decided to form Barrel Aged E-Commerce. He still helps run his family company, but loves the thought of helping others become successful.

When he’s not working, you can find him at home, hanging out with his wife and 2 year old son, Camden.

“I’m a huge believer in work-life balance. Family will always come first. Having that mentality has really helped me keep positive even through stressful times. That and golf….I really love to golf.”


The aspect of selling goods and services online always fascinated JJ. The transformation of having to be physically in-store to having an online store that is taking orders 24/7, has the potential to re-shape how companies sell products. Ever since studying Business after High School, his main focus was E-Commerce. Throughout his career he worked in E-Commerce Consulting, started his own online store, worked in E-Commerce Tech, and the logical next step for him was to start, together with Jake, their own company. 

The decision to start an E-Commerce Agency for Amazon Sellers was easy: Focusing on the largest Marketplace with over 2 Mil. Sellers / Brands, provides a big enough pool of potential clients. However the biggest selling point in JJ’s opinion is, that the customer already is on If you run your own online store, finding and acquiring those customer (on a profitable basis) can be a challenge sometimes. 

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