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Amazon Marketplace Services

Every Manufacturer on Amazon faces the same challenge: Grow Sales and be profitable doing it. Sounds simple in theory, but with all the pitfalls that come with Amazon Seller Central it might take an extra set of eyes and hands to make sure.  We believe that every manufacturer in the US should sell on Amazon and take advantage of the largest online marketplace in the world. 

So, let’s work together, as partners. Tackle your day-to-day challenges, while being an extension to your team.

Amazon Account Management & Strategy

In order to be successful in the long-term on Amazon, you’ll need a strategy for your Amazon presence. There are different ways to list your Brand on Amazon, we can work with you to find the best one. Even if you’re already selling, we can help you correct your course and switch. Normally, as a first course of action, we will take a deep dive into your account and evaluate it via a SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 

The SWOT-Analysis provides valuable insights and is part of our holistic approach. Together with you, we will work on a Custom Amazon Account Strategy

Now that we defined the strategy together, we are now ready to list your first products, and we can do everything from A-to-Z to ensure you are up and running in no-time. At this point we will normally start actively managing your Amazon Account. 

If you already have an existing product catalog listed, we will go to work right away: we’ll ensure a high-quality listing for each product and its variation and discuss different strategies to start growing your sales numbers. 

Listing Optimization & A+ Content

The most important part of your Amazon Marketplace presence are your listings: We often encounter accounts that spend a lot of money on ads and don’t see sales conversions. This will lead to lower rankings for your products on, and will make the Amazon Fly Wheel effect work against you!

So, let’s stop the bleeding and get you started right. Our secret sauce to your success is fairly simple: Start with an extensive Keyword Research and do a Competitor Analysis on which keywords other brands are using. Secondly, high-quality copy writing for your titles, bullet points, and description will make your product more discoverable and dramatically increase the conversion: Get more sales out of the same number of clicks!

Pictures, the ultimate conversion booster. Studies show that most customer on Amazon actively click through every picture on a listing. So let’s make sure that every picture spotlights features, functions and just look great. Barrel Aged E-Commerce has dedicated resources to edit product pictures and works closely with product photographers.

A+ Content

Take advantage of the fact that you are brand registered and that you can add additional pictures and description to your listings! It will not only improve your Amazon Listing optically, but it is another element that every brand should utilize. Let Barrel Aged E-Commerce create additional Amazon marketing content through A+ enhanced brand content .

Pricing Strategy for Amazon Listings

Everybody knows the Demand and Supply Graphics from Highschool, but how do you apply that economic model for your Amazon Store? – There is no easy answer, it depends! Based on our experience, we often times see that seller offer their products with too low prices to be competitive. Leaving a lot of money on the table. 

We are committed to find the ideal price point for products, help you increase your sales through applying amazon pricing rules or utilizing 3rd parties software to automate that process. 

Amazon Advertising (PPC)

Amazon Advertising or PPC on Amazon, is the fastest way to get some traction and sales on It is important that before you get started with Amazon Advertising, that you have your ducks in row: Product descriptions are inviting, easy to understand and point out the product features in way that invites you to buy. Paired with great product pictures to ensure a high conversion rate.

Now it is time to focus on getting started with Ads. Barrel Aged E-Commerce will build out different advertising campaigns:

– Sponsored Products

– Sponsored Brands (if applicable)

– Headline Searches

– Product Display Ads

We set up your campaigns by Amazon’s lates guidelines and best practices of campaign grouping and ad group segmentation. While your ads are running, we monitor impressions, clicks, ACoS, cost per click and of course, sales. Based on those KPIs we will optimize and improve your ad campaigns, to ensure that we can get the most sales out of your Ad Budget.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your Amazon Business

As your Brand on Amazon grows, and grows, you’ll realize that you’ll need to define your processes, especially for fulfillment (if you don’t use FBA), or for Returns or A-Z Claims. They are critical for your ongoing success and will make the difference to be able to keep up with current and future volume. 

Barrel Aged E-Commerce consults you on best practices for a set of step-by-step instructions for different tasks. The defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will help you achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and errors to comply with Amazon’s requirements. 


We provide you a monthly report, that will show key performance metrics, outlines our strategy, summery of tasks performed by Barrel Aged E-Commerce, and action items for next month. 

The monthly report offers valuable insights, and is usually the foundation of our calls to discuss the current situation and outlook with you. The report will normally include a simple executive summary, and a snapshot of your Account’s performance. 

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