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Amazon Update: Search Results for Brand Names have changed

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2024 is off to a great start if you are a brand-registered manufacturer or seller on Amazon! I don’t know if you have noticed, but if you search for a specific brand, e.g. Rust Bullet (see below), all the same search prompts pop up, with one huge difference: At the bottom it links directly to the Rust Bullet Amazon Store

Here is how the updated brand search looks like on Amazon:

What does that mean for Amazon Seller?

First of all, this is a positive change. It will give brands their voice back on Amazon. It means that the brand name that you as a manufacturer or seller have built up over year/ decades, gets more credit. Over are the times where other brands / Chinese copy cats could take over search prompts and really hurt your sales, but also your reputation.

Implications: Steps you have to take now to take advantage of this

1. Update your storefront: Go to and search for your brand name, and click on the storefront link. Now take a deep look at this page, and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does the customer understand what your brand stands for?
  2. If they look for a specific product, are they able to find it in less than two clicks? (Especially important for manufacturer with a lot of different product lines)
  3. Is your storefront mobile optimized? If you open it on your phone, is it still easy to navigate and find products?
  4. Would you buy from yourself? (Be honest!)

2. Different Advertising Strategy: Your focus should start to shift from transaction driven measurement of your advertising result to start investing more budget towards brand building ads. In the past we would have recommended you, that 80-90% of your budget should be spent on campaigns that bring sales, and have a positive ROAS. Especially on Amazon, where it is traditionally difficult to build a brand identity. Not anymore: Your budget allocation should change to 60-70% transaction based campaigns, and the rest to build a brand. Remember, once customer know your brand and start searching for it, they will now land directly at your storefront! So building brand equity and brand recognitation switched from nice-to-have to must-have!

Questions about this change?

If you are not sure exactly how to tackle those two items, reach out to us! You can contact us here. Or send us an email, to We’d love to help you out with either, the Storefront build out, changes or re-defining your advertising strategy.

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