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Author: Jake

Amazon FBA Storage Fees are going up again – Holiday Season 2021

It is this time of the year again – Holiday Season! As we are approaching the most lucrative season (and quarter), keep a couple of things in mind: Storage fees for non-dangerous goods go up from $0.75 to $2.40 per cubic foot (285% increase) Storage fees for dangerous goods go up from $0.99 to $3.63 per cubic foot (a 366% increase in cost) Remember, the increase only lasts for October, […]

10 Ways To Boost Sales On Amazon in 2021

At Barrel Aged we are continuously monitoring all aspects of your seller accounts on Amazon. We feel these are important components in boosting sales on your Amazon seller account. Here is our list of top ten strategies to boost sales on Amazon. Optimize your listing : Make your listing title stand out with the product name, brand name and key selling terms & features. Make sure your product description explains […]

Listing Quality Dashboard – Monitor & Improve the quality of your listings on Amazon

Right before the start of the Holiday Season, Amazon launched a new tool, the Listing Quality Dashboard on Seller Central. It helps Sellers and Brands to identify and fix listings in one place. The Listing Quality Dashboard aims to: Improve discovery: Customers filter their search results using specific attributes. Adding these attributes will ensure that customers don’t miss your product when it meets the customer requirements and the filters are used. […]

Important: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile, starting September 1st

Amazon announced earlier in July that starting on September 1st 2020, your Business name and address will be visible on your seller profile. Before you freak out, we believe that this a good thing! Why? This will finally give (legit) sellers and brands from the US a competitive advantage over sellers from China and Asia. American Consumer can now actively choose to buy from an American Brand / Seller. The […]

The Amazon Flywheel Effect for Amazon Seller explained

There are days on Amazon, where one product just seems to be taking off: All the sudden you 2x or 3x the normal amount, it shots up in the rankings, and then eventually it goes back to the normal level. What you just experienced is the power of the Flywheel effect for Amazon Seller. Every Brand that sells its products on Amazon should know about to take advantage of it. […]


Disclaimer: I am in no way a financial advisor or claim to be one. This article is simply a perspective on how to look and approach this uncharted time. For official advice please contact the SBA or a local financial institution. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting everyone and everything. Some businesses are being hit extremely hard and others are thriving. In order to help those Less Fortunate businesses the government has […]

We are open for Business! World, meet Barrel Aged E-Commerce

After planning, strategizing and getting ready for launch in the last 9 months, we are happy to announce that Barrel Aged E-Commerce is open for Business! Not even the Corona-Virus pandemic could stop us! What drives us: We started this company to give Online Brands an alternative to traditonal agencies. A lot of times agencies are more focused on selling the maximum amount of hours and services possible, and losing […]