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Complete Guide for Amazon Seller: How to Merge different ASINs

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Having multiple product pages on Amazon for similar products can be a bit like navigating a maze for customers, leading to confusion and making it tough for them to find what they’re looking for. To ensure everyone has a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience, Amazon requires that you add your offer to an existing detail page instead of creating a new one. This not only helps customers but also keeps everything nice and tidy, avoiding any policy hiccups with Amazon. After all, nobody wants to get lost in a sea of duplicate listings, right? 

As a seller, seeing double listings on your Inventory Management screen can be quite the head-scratcher. It clutters up your workspace and doubles your workload, which isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Sure, you could go ahead and delete one of the listings to tidy things up a bit, but then you run the risk of losing all the valuable reviews and momentum that the duplicate listing has gathered. That’s where merging ASINs can save the day! It’s like tidying up your inventory with a magic wand – clean, efficient, and hassle-free. Let’s start by breaking down what ASIN merging is all about.

What is ASIN merging all about?

ASIN merging, also known as merging detail pages, is like bringing together two separate detail pages (ASINs) on Amazon and merging them into one neat and tidy ASIN detail page. Think of it as tidying up your digital storefront, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for without stumbling over duplicate pages. It’s all about simplifying the shopping experience and keeping things nice and streamlined for everyone involved.Now, when it comes to merging listings on Amazon, there are a few guidelines we need to shear to: 

Guidelines for ASIN merging:

  • First off, for brands registered in Amazon Brand Registry, merging is only allowed if the requester happens to be the rights owner. If not the merge request won’t be accepted.
  • Secondly, the products in question have got to be mirror images of each other – same color, size, packaging, you name it. While the product IDs don’t necessarily have to match, it’s a good idea to ensure they’re as identical as possible. After all, we’re aiming for uniformity here.
  • And last but not least, Amazon gives the green light for merging if the product pages are identical twins. That means they share the same EAN, ISBN, or UPC, and their brand, package quantity, and physical attributes match up perfectly, whether it’s size, color, or anything in between.

Sticking to these rules, we can ensure our merging endeavors go off without a hitch, keeping everything Amazon compliant.

The process of merging ASINs

1.Identify the Target and Source ASINs: The target ASIN is the one you wish to keep, while the source ASIN is the one you want to merge into the target.

2.  In your Inventory Management screen in Seller Central select your target ASIN (the one you wish to KEEP)  and on the right use the edit dropdown and choose “Merge Listings” at the bottom.

3.  A new help screen will pop up on the right. If it doesn’t, check your pop-up settings in your browser.

4.  The target ASIN you wish to keep will be populated in the top field. In the bottom field fill in your source ASIN, the one you wish to merge. Simply click Next and follow the prompts.

5. Once initiated, all the content and contributions from the source ASIN merge into the target ASIN. This includes product title, images, reviews, and other relevant details.

6. Allow Processing Time: It’s essential to note that the merging process may take up to 72 hours to complete, including the consolidation of reviews.

Merging ASINs on Amazon is a vital aspect of maintaining a clean and organized product catalog, ultimately benefiting both sellers and customers. So, the next time you encounter duplicate listings, remember the power of ASIN merging to streamline your inventory and enhance customer satisfaction.

Questions? Reach out!

If you have any questions about how to merge YOUR products into one parent listing with multiple children listings, contact us! We have over 21 years combined experience on selling successfully on Amazon.

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