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New Feature launched: Create high-quality Product Detail Pages Using Amazon’s AI

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Last year in the fall Amazon announced their own set of tools to create and update Amazon product listings. Traditionally, it takes a lot of effort to create all the content and text required for all the product information to be filled out correctly. Amazon rolled out a tool, that allowed by just describing your product with a few words to create compelling product title, description and product attributes. One great additional benefit is the recommendation by the AI of attributes such as color, and keywords to help index your products.

Generative AI from Amazon in action when trying to list a new product

From Amazon’s blog article: “Within Amazon’s Seller Central, sellers can input a brief description of the product, and Amazon will generate listing content for review.”
“The generated product description will display and can be edited by the user.”

Utilizing Machine learning and deep learning to automatically extract and enrich product information

Amazon describes that their AI models allows Seller and Manufacturers to learn product information by the keywords that are submitted, but also by other details, like analyzing the image to e.g. understand that a t-shirt could be a polo if the AI recognizes that there is a collar to the t-shirt in the product image. But also, by analyzing added product details. In the end, this should allow Sellers and Manufactures save time and ensure the product listing to be set up properly.

What Barrel Aged’s team thinks of the new feature

In the end, it was just a matter of time before Amazon added some AI feature as well. Obviously it is a great addition to the functionality in Seller Central. The question will be, does the usage of AI allow you for a competitive advantage against your competitors when listing a product? We don’t believe it does. The main benefit will be that the amount of time it takes to fill out all the fields within SellerCentral with correct data. However, the devil is in the detail. Is it really going to eliminate the need for analyzing which keywords your top-ranking competitors use? We believe it won’t help with that. Similarly to updating keywords based on seasonality, it won’t help with that either.

In general, it is a great first step to remove friction out of the process. Every Seller should be grateful that Amazon is investing in features like that to make our/ your live easier. With that being said, it is currently version 1 of the functionality. Similarly to every new software feature, the real benefit will come later, especially with an AI that utilizes machine learning and deep learning. It naturally will become better over time. With this feature, the Amazon officially entered into the AI software feature race as well – exciting times to sell on Amazon!

Questions? – Reach out!

If you have any questions around the new feature, or are struggling with something else on Amazon? Contact us!

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